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MSP+ is a grantmaking program launched in May of 2024 by Point Blue Conservation Science that advances shorebird and multiple benefit conservation in Latin America. Building on thirteen years of collaborative science and conservation action of the Migratory Shorebird Project (MSP)–the largest coordinated survey ever of non-breeding shorebirds on the Pacific Coast of the Americas–MSP+ increases equal access to conservation funds across the Pacific Flyway. We are grateful for generous support from the March Conservation Fund.  

The Need

Shorebird populations are one of the most threatened bird groups globally due to their need for continuous and available healthy habitat across their vast migratory pathways. The status of their populations reflects the health of the places they share with people. Places like salt flats, mangroves, and fish nurseries that support human livelihoods and health. Though the Migratory Shorebird Project has made great strides in shorebird and wetland conservation over its decade plus of existence, Point Blue recognized the need for increased access to financial support and capacity to implement action for partners in Latin America. To address this challenge, the MSP+ grantmaking program was born.

Goals & Outcomes

The overall goal of MSP+ is to advance shorebird and multiple benefit conservation in Latin America, a critical part of the Pacific Flyway, by investing in local research, training, community involvement, and conservation action projects.

FUNDAECO Biologist and Educator in Guatemala

FUNDAECO Biologist and Educator Bianca Bosarreyes at a shorebird project site in Sipacate, Escuintla, Guatemala.

Projects in Latin America that align with the goals and objectives of the Migratory Shorebird Project and the Pacific Americas Shorebird Conservation Strategy will be prime candidates for MSP+ support.

Supported projects will contribute to one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Increased shorebird habitat
  • Improved shorebird habitat management
  • Reduced threats to shorebird populations
  • Accelerated uptake of coastal conservation and sustainable solutions
  • Raised awareness of key stakeholders and sectors
  • Increased capacity of key stakeholders and sectors
  • Increased number of people from different social and cultural backgrounds who become leaders in bird conservation in Latin America
  • Expanded and strengthened Migratory Shorebird Project partnership

The types of activities that can be supported through this program are:

  • Conservation action, inclusive partnerships, and planning
  • Improving conservation knowledge, data management, and knowledge sharing 
  • Communication, outreach, and raising awareness
  • Capacity building and training

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are Core to our Process

Point Blue Conservation Science recognizes the diversity of identities in the culture, race, and history of the people in coastal areas where migratory shorebirds live along the Pacific Coast of the Americas.

We aim for a diverse and inclusive network that co-creates science, builds a community of practice, promotes participation, empowers, establishes trust and non-transactional relationships and addresses change. We will bring back the information generated through science, to support conservation actions that improve local lives, acknowledging all contributions. 

We will do this through a set of projects, periodic review of our granting practices, reducing bias in project selection and promoting training of DEI practices through the MSP+ network. We will measure our impact with specific metrics that will allow us to learn and improve as a collective conservation program, benefiting people and birds throughout the Americas. 

MSP+ Management Team Leads

Catherine Hickey



In her role as Program Lead with MSP+ Science to Action, Catherine provides program oversight and management. She serves as the primary point for the program and serves as liaison with Pacific Americas Shorebird Conservation Initiative Steering Committee. She plays a critical role in program outreach and partner stewardship, assisting as needed with project concept development. Read more about Catherine here in her Point Blue bio.

Light-skinned person with blue eyes and short, blond hair wearing a blue plaid shirt smiling



As Program Officer and Migratory Shorebird Project Principal Investigator, Matt helps ensure the MSP+ program links explicitly with MSP. He serves as primary liaison with the MSP Steering Committee and plays a critical role in program outreach, assisting as needed with project concept development, and partner stewardship. Read more about Matt here in his Point Blue bio.

Diana Eusse



As Program Officer, Diana helps ensure program management and communication systems are in place, clear, and functioning to purpose. She plays a critical role in program outreach, assisting as needed with project concept development, and partner stewardship. Read more about Diana here in her Point Blue bio.